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Feb 3, 2011
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We have just announced two new form factors for our best-in-class CodeMeter software protection system. Both these products augment our large lineup of world-class protection for .NET applications as well as binaries created with more traditional development tools like C++.

The first is the most exciting, because it's the smallest dongle in the world for copy protection. Here's a picture of the CodeMeter CmStick/C:


This device has all the same security as our larger versions, but in a very tiny USB device. The small size was made possible by putting all the circuitry including the smart card chip and on-board memory on the USB connector.

The second product is the new CodeMeter CmStick/T which contains a battery to backup the real time clock onboard the smart card chip. Now the clock is powered whether the dongle is attached to the machine or not.

Like all CodeMeter products, these allow you to protect Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Solaris platforms from illegal copying, reverse engineering, or theft of data and algorithms. For more information, including a free evaluation kit, check out our website at Software Protection and License Protection | Wibu-Systems USA or PM me.

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