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Jun 3, 2004
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The "Forum Contains New Posts" and "Forum Contains No New Posts" icons don't seem to be working correctly (well not as they did in the last version anyway). There are some sections with posts that I haven't read that don't show the New Posts icon. Are posts not considered new after a day or so? The last version considered Posts that weren't read as new, I believe.

Also, sometimes after I read all posts in a category, when I go to the home page, the New Icon is showing for that category; when I check it, there are no new posts.
This is a bug in vBulletin and I reported it about 1-2 weeks ago. Hopefully in the next update we'll see it fixed. After reading all the posts, click the Quick Links...Mark Forums Read. They will also update automatically after the session expires. But yes, once you read a message and return to the thread/forum home display, they should not show as new any more.

Thank you for pointing this out, it has already been reported to vBulletin.