New Major App, VS 2005 or 2003?


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Jun 3, 2004
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So you have a new application facing you that you know will take around 6+ months to complete. You don't want to redo this app again next year to take advantage of VS.NET 2005. So, what are you doing in this case? Building your app in VS.NET 2003 for a total rewrite ahead (assuming migration isn't the smartest), Start with the BETA now, or hold the project until VS.NET 2005 is released?
i'd start in 2003 because in vb 1 through 6, you could always open it is the higher version, this is being applied to the .net stuff any vb2003 application will run in 2005 without any code modification (unless it has a vb6 reference library) so build it in 2003 then when you switch to 2005 when you do an 'upgrade' then you can slowly integrate the nifty 2005 stuff

this is just my recamendation for you to consider
I've been playing with 2005 Beta and have tried to upgrade some simple apps written with 2003. I have to say that I've had quite a few headaches. The way 2005 creates a different file for the designer (.Desginer.vb) has made it difficult for me to modify the upgraded app in 2005, the IDE seems to get confused as to what's going on.
Perhaps I haven't upgraded correctly or maybe there are some bugs in the Beta version causing this? (To upgrade, all I've done is open the 2003 file with 2005 then save)

I would suggest using the Beta and waiting for the release. But then you will have to worry about postponed dates.