Question Need to put "time remaining" in System Tray next to the clock.....

Ralph Malph

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May 14, 2014
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I am creating an program to force a user to log off after 2 hrs. I would like to put the time remaining until they are forced to log off next to the time in the system tray. I have the ability to put an Icon there and a balloon message with the time remaining via the "notifyIcon" option but I would rather have a line next to the time that has the time left showing, always in view. I don't want it to join all the other Icons that are hidden in the system tray until you click on the "up arrow" which is what the current icon I have is doing. Just like it say's the time on one line and the date on the other I would like to put a label on line one that say's "Time left" and under that the time that is left.

I am using VB 2013.


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