need a way to run multiple process concurrently


Oct 24, 2006
Hopkins, MN, USA
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hi there
we have a requirement where we are required to process multiple objects at the same time...i tried using multi threading only to understand that only one thread will be active at any given point of i have ruled out that there a way to run multiple tasks at the same time?? is there a way where we can make the processor to run multiple tasks at the same time?? like multiple instances of processors where each instance is running a separate job?? i dont want to switch between tasks as multi threading does..i want to know if i can run all the tasks at the same time.. iam badly in need of a solution as initially i thought multithreading would solve this problem but now it has proven to be a waste...please help me..
Even if you idea on that (if not solution), please share it with me....
thanks in advance..
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