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Nov 20, 2008
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<H1>NCache 3.4: Bridge Topology and Grid Computing Support</H1>
<p><a href="">Alachisoft</a> has released <a href="">NCache 3.4</a>, an extremely scalable enterprise level in-memory distributed cache for .NET. NCache 3.4 contains a Bridge Topology to let you replicate cache across WAN without latency issues. It also contains a thin-client for Grid Computing applications.


Alachisoft has released NCache 3.4, an extremely scalable enterprise level in-memory distributed cache for .NET. NCache lets you remove performance bottlenecks and scale out your .NET applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP). NCache also provides a distributed ASP.NET Session State storage. NCache is the oldest, the most feature-rich, and the most mature .NET cache.

NCache 3.4 provides a Bridge Topology that lets you replicate a cache over WAN without any performance degradation that would otherwise occur due to WAN latency issues. This lets you to handle an offsite disaster recovery data center and replicate cache to it. Bridge Topology creates one or two bridge nodes where all replication requests are queued up for asynchronous updates. The bridge node also handles connection breakage over the WAN.

NCache 3.4 also provides a thin-client specially intended to be deployed alongwith High Performance Computing (HPC) or Grid Computing applications. This thin-client does not require any client-side installation and automatically connects to servers in the cache cluster. NCache is designed to handle really large computing grids with thousands of grid nodes wanting to share data with other grid nodes.

NCache provides dynamic clustering with peer to peer architecture to give you 100% uptime. And, NCache provides a rich set of caching topologies to let you scale the cache endlessly. These topologies handle small to very large environments and include Mirrored, Replicated, Partitioned, Partition-Replica, and Client Cache.

NCache also provides an Express Edition that is totally FREE to use in production and is not a trial.

<a href=""><b>Download NCache 3.4 Trial</b></a> | <a href=""><b>NCache 3.4 Information</b></a> | <a href=""><b>Distributed ASP.NET Session State</b></a> | <a href=""><b>FREE NCache Express (not a trial)</b></a> |
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