My previous post was confusing, I'm sorry


Feb 27, 2005
Programming Experience
What I'm trying to do is: When a user chooses a house model: Choices are Barcelona, Madrid, and Rio. They choose this from a drop down list box. Then they click "Add Home" button and there us a scroll bar that moves up. Like: the scrol bar moves to 1 after the home is chosen and the address is entered and they click add home. What I have to do is get the current house's address and display it in the textbox. and when you scroll on the scroll bar from 1 to 2 or 2 to 1, whatever address that was entered will show up in the text box.

I hope I'm not confusing anyone more.

Sorry, I'm confused. What's the purpose of the scrollbar? Are you entering multiple addresses for different models of houses? ScrollBars don't typically have values (such as 1 or 2)
In you previous post, what is marrHouses. Is that an array of some custom class?

By the way, no need to create a new thread for the same question :).
Yes this is an array of 3 different models of homes. the part in the code where it says "Get the current houses address and display it in the txtAddress txt box"
It is supposed to be only one line of code.