Multiple Prompts in an InputBox


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Apr 2, 2005
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Hey All :D
I require help with a problem i have come across.. I want to be able to allow the user to input data in several input boxes but at the same time want the Input box msg to prompt as so:

Enter Fruit Type #1
Enter Fruit Type #2
Enter Fuit Type #3
etc etc etc

ALSO as VB is case sensitive. I have a problem with user input... atm the input by the user is listed in a listbox.. However as user input is required... if it is Spelt APPLE in the listbox but the user inputs apple.. then i bump into a problem :(
If anyone could help it would be much appreciated...:)

i forget how to call the inputbox (i never use it, i design my own forms instead) but for the case sensitive you can use the ToUpper such as:
strMyString.ToUpper = lstItems.Items("APPLE") or something like that

this way the user can type it in like: apple, Apple, APple and the ToUpper function will always compare it as APPLE for ya
to my knowledge there isnt a way to add more textbox's to a single input box

but you can make you're own form that has all the textbox's and stuff you need on it

and when you go to show that form instead of using the .Show() method to show it, use .ShowDialog() instead as this will force that form/window to have focus regardless just like what the inputbox and messagebox's do
genu said:
i need to find how to have more input boxes in the InputBox function...thnks
I just attached an example for the same ... take a look at this thread:

Btw, if you have predefined values for the fruits why you prompt user to type the same at all? I would add either Combo or ListView so user will need only select certain item and that's it.

Cheers ;)