Moving to Production Environment


Mar 8, 2005
Programming Experience
Using VB.NET, I have built a Windows client application which accesses data in a SQL Server database by way of Web services. Everything works well in my development environment. Now I am trying to place Web services on a remote IIS box in a Data Center. I have arrived at a point at which I am being authenticated via a VPN connection to the remote IIS Web services box in the Data Center. I can build simple Web services on that remote IIS server which retrieve data successfully from a remote SQL Server database. However, when I create a Windows form and attempt to drag a dataset onto it, I discover that none of the datasets I created in the Web services tier are recognized in to the Windows form designer (which thinks there are no datasets defined in the project). I have feeling that this is because I have had to reply on SQL Server rather than integrated Windows authentication as the basis for my Visual Studio data connection to the remote SQL Server database. Can anyone shed some light on this?