Moving a Solution to Production Servers


Mar 8, 2005
Programming Experience
I have created a VB.NET solution based on a Windows Form user interface, middle tier Web services, and a SQL backend. This was all created on a single local development system. I now need to deploy this solution for some preliminary beta testing in a remote data center environment in which I have already set up an IIS box for Web services and in which there is a dedicated SQL Server box with a test database ready to go. What I belive I need to achieve is to have remote users (just myself initially) connecting and authenticating to the data center domain that the IIS Web services box and SQL Server box are in. This seems essential to me since the .NET scheme relies on integrated Windows authentication. I am trying to make this arrangement work by way of a VPN connection to the data center. So far I have not succeeded, and I think this is because the VPN connection that has been set up for me is not enabling me to authenticate; rather it only allows me to ping and to map to individual shares. Anyway, I am just looking for any words of wisdom that anyone might have to offer in such a situation. Thanks in advance.
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