MouseEnter/MouseMove event handling problem


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Jan 24, 2005
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Hello everyone,

I am experienced in VB and I have recently moved to .NET for my work. I am having a problem with MouseEvent handlers. The problem is as follows:

In the program, a form is instantiated and displayed just before the previous form is disposed. This new form is supposed to reload and display the previous form and then dispose when the mouse moves over it. However, the MouseMove code is being executed as though it were MouseEnter code, and thus the previous form is being reloaded and the problem form is being disposed as soon as it is displayed. I believe that the program is generating a MouseEnter as soon as the form is displayed because the mouse is over the location where the form is placed. I have not yet determined why the MouseEnter event is triggering the MouseMove handler. Can anyone enlighten me?

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