monitoring file storage in database through progress bar


Jun 3, 2004
Programming Experience
hi veebees. still there is no response to my previous query with title 'retrieving file associated icons'. anyway, hop there will be soon from someone. besides that above said problem, i would like to forward my second problem. this time i will like to know how can i show progress of file storage (i.e dat file) to database in progress bar. similarly like the way in windows, if we move or copy file to some destination, an animated progress bar appears that shows the progress of file copying or moving. i hope everyone must have understood what i really want to know; if i store an image, text, movie or sound clip in database then i would like to see the process status all the time through the progress short i would like some event that is fired when IMAGE type data is stored to database...plz reply me soon for this as things must be sorted out soon...thanks in advance....