Modularized Development


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Jun 3, 2004
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I'm starting a Winforms application that I want to release like a portal that can have new modules added over time. I'm not necessarily saying plug-ins, add-ins, etc., but a continuous development/work in progress.

For example a forum system like this one, but in Winforms. However, we are going to release it as we go. We first build the shell, then we have a basic forum display. Later, we add a Member List. Then later we add a Calendar system, then a Private Message system, then a Search System, then a Quick Link system.

Another example, Microsoft Outlook type application. We have a basic e-mail reader. Then we add later an appointment system, then a task system, then a memo system, etc.

So as you see, I want to build a shell, then release each segment when ready, instead of waiting months down the road to release the whole whopping shabang. I also want to charge for each module, so if you don't want "memo" functionality, you don't have to buy it, you only buy the modules you want.

So this modularized development. I'm not sure if it should be all in one assembly, or each module it's own assembly, and thus, complications about related forms, menu/toolbars, etc.

Anyone know of any articles, or have advice on this style of development?