MDI not showing forms


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Mar 3, 2005
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Hi all,

I somehow seem to hit the roof somewhere.

I have an MDI displaying several forms.

All forms (including the MDI) inherit from a form that has some user defined control that accepts text and sets some statusses.

Just the MDI is shown at startup, the others are fired from a MainMenu.

But maybe this is all irrelevant to the problem I have :

After adding several forms to the application, things that used to work, no longer do, even if this functionality is on the first window opened.

This failing functionality can be :

- show a file using web browser functionality :


- display a new form :

Dim newform As New frmBrowser

newform.MdiParent = Me


- or even simple dialogs :

1. MsgBox("File opened by: " & oDocument.Application.Name)

2. If (OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog() = DialogResult.OK) Then ...

Just as if the presence of all these forms that could be shown, limits the actual possiblity of showing them ?

I sure hope somebody can give me a hint of what to check or how to debug.

I gather from info found that it could have something to do with member objects of the forms (or the user control) not being initialised properly ?

Infinite thanks in advance for any help you can offer !

My software delivery deadline is approaching fast ...