mci seek string Help Urgent!

Steven Low

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Apr 14, 2005
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Hi guyss

im using mci sound and Im trying 2 get the trackbar which acts like a skip soo the suer can use the bar to hear specfic parts of the sound type. I really need help on how this is done.

Sooo Please help

Ive been looking at sum vb code this is what i got. Now if Im not mistaken the below method allows u to play anyt part of the wav file? if im not mistaken. if the code is correct then what parts would I need to change soo that I can use it in my trackBar.

Heres the method//

When playing a WAV from one point to another, or seeking a specific point, you can use milliseconds (ms). This sample shows how to set your WAV file for milliseconds.

Dim mssg As String * 255

i = mciSendString("set voice1 time format ms", 0&, 0, 0)
i = mciSendString("status voice1 length", mssg, 255, 0)
msgbox "There are " & Str(mssg) & " milliseconds"