login to a website with webbrowser?


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Dec 11, 2013
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Hi all

i had an app which i built to login to a website carry out a search and extract the data back to our system, but the site is having a update. so i need to rebuild the project. no worries i thought shouldn't be to much of an issue but i was wrong.

i have created a new project, setup a form inserted a webbrower on the form, i have got the form loading the site and displays great, i have then added a button to login to the site this works great.

now logged into the site i have output a list of all the links on the site to a text file.

so i call the link in the following way and nothing happens


i have also tried the following a to find details on the link


found the link contains "775622"

[SIZE=2][COLOR=#0000ff]For each Element as htmlelement in abi.document.getelementsbytagname("a")

if element.Outerhtml.contains("77562") then
msgbox ("found " & Element.Outerhtml) 

exit for 

end if

next element

so i try again running the project i login, and then instead of trying to get the vb code to click the button i click the button and it doesn't work unless i double click. if i run the site just in Ie or chrome it works fine with a single click

any ideas as im lost

many thanks


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