lack of permissions to in distributed application


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Feb 4, 2005
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I have just started testing an application and i have the following problem.

The application is running ok in my own computer and in the network in wich my computer is, but when i try to execute it in a different network i get security exceptions when i open the conections. Both networks are the same network, but they are working on different ip ranges, but they both have the same domain.

I have done some test and found out that the error i get when i try to execute the app in a remote folder is the same that others user get when they try to execute their own copy of the app in their own computers.

I guess it haves to do with security problems and the network permissions becouse if i lower the permissions for my pc using the configWizards i get the same errors locally.

Any idea how can i make anyone on both IP ranges copy or install the app so they both can access the database?

thanks a lot

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