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Jul 29, 2004
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I'm getting this exception and read that it's a might be a bug in the compiler I'm using. I'm using Visual Studio .NET (.NET Framework 1.1 SP2).

The code I'm running if separated accordingly, works just fine. First of all, everything compiles fine (all code together). When run all together I get this exception.

What could this bug be? What can I do about it? Anyone seen this situation before?

Thanks in advance.
so, ummm... what is the exception your getting? and what code is generating the exception? post the whole sub if ya can so hopefully one of us here can help ya
Thank anyways, but I figured it out.

It's a dll that I'm using. I guess also a bug in the compiler in not recognizing the error during compile time.

I'm using objects from a dll where some of the members are not visible to VS.NET object browser. My code had calls to these methods or members but the complier seems to think it's still fine. Is that suppose to be like that?