Include Files in ASP.NET


May 10, 2005
Programming Experience
I have an application that is mainly VB.NET but also uses ASP.NET. I need to add some functionality to my project. The new files were writeen in C#. I don't know how to include these C# files in my project in order to access the functions in those files.

I have done this with VB in the past but never when the other files I want to add were writtein in another language than I was using.

Any help is appreciated.

You cannot mix languages in a .NET project. You can reference DLLs written in one language from a project written in another, but each project (in fact, each solution I believe) will only compile a single language. If you want to use C# files in your VB.NET project you will have to translate them to VB. There may be tools out there that can do it for you, but it is not actually all that difficult to do by hand, if a little time consuming. Almost all types will have the same name in both languages so it is mostly obvious what the equivalents are. A lot of VB.NET programmers have C# experience also, like myself, so if you do try the hand translation and get stuck on something specific, help is at hand. I'd try a Web search for a translation tool first, though.
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