Question in IDE it occasionally crashes


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Aug 25, 2013
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This is just a general question, Im using 2010 , when I'm in design mode and run my app I developing on, it will very occassionally crash for no reason...

when I rerun there no problem..., then when I publish the app and distribute to other users the app work fine and doesn't crash on there machines.

But if I run it in express IDE it occasionally crashes, but mostly run OK.

The messages that pop up are vague but don't refer to memory leaks or anything like that.

I have used task manager and looked at the memory useage but it doesn't show any major memory problems and runs on a lot less memory than other programs.

I 'feel' that the IDE is a bit unstable itself on start up but when the program is published it works fine!

Have any other developer experienced similar problems with the IDE


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Aug 17, 2004
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It's possible that there is some corruption in your project or on your system or it might be that some specific data causes an issue and that data has never been used in production. We can only guess from the information you've provided. Perhaps you could provide us with the error message(s) that you receive as well as any other information provided at the time. If the symptoms vary then that makes things difficult but if there's any sort of consistency then that makes finding the cause far more likely.
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