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Jul 2, 2004
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I have used many images in many picture boxes.

Believe it or not, I have a great image in a box, but I can't identify its name.

I have used about 80 images in my project and need to know where this specific image is on my drive so that when I deploy it I also deploy the image with the application. The other 79 images are all in one folder, this missing one is somewhere on the drive, but I can't search for it because I don't have its name. When I click on the image source attribute for this picturebox, all it says is "system bitmap" .

Thanks for your help.

John M


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Jun 3, 2004
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With every class file (a form is a class in VB.NET) there is a corresponding resource file (extension .resx). The resoure file is a storage space for all the information that the class file needs (such as Version, Culture, token, name, images, ...) in XML format. When you add an image to a picturebox in a form the image is actually stored in (serialized to) the resource file, which is why the property panel only shows System.Bitmap. The image resource is identified by the control that uses it and the property (PicureBox1.Image).

In the solution explorer at the top, there are several Icons. One is called 'Show all files'. If you click that icon, the listed file icons will now show a plus icon to the side. Clicking that plus icon will reveal the resource file for that specific file. If you open it, you will see a table that represents the xml structure of the file. You can switch to XML view (by clicking the XML button at the bottom) and see the serialization of the image (a long list of characters).

All that being said, if you deploy it with the image shown in the picturebox all should be well.

If you feel the need, you can use code to save the image back to your hard-drive by using this code:

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