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May 15, 2005
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I wanted to know how I can make skin a .net program I searched in google and saw an ActiveX component for this job in Visual Basic 6.0
But what is the solution for VB .net?

and also how can I have the default buttons for VB .net for example to have buttons look like Microsoft Office or other default buttons but not VB .net default ones?

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Skybound FreeStyle

You'll have to pay for it but Skybound Software sell a very good, professional and easy to use component called FreeStyle for this purpose. Visit if you are interested.
But I want to know how to skin it for free cause it costs $129 and that's too muc

is there any other software or way to skin it for free?
It's unlikely that you'll find anything as sophisticated and sexy as FreeStyle without having to pay, but here's a free project you might want to check out:

It's written in C++, as will be most of the stuff that gets into the guts of Windows much at all. I haven't looked at the details but you may well be able to use it as is or adapt it in some way.
Thanks jmcilhinney for your help I tried Freestyle and it's very simple to work but I costs alot

so isn't there any other way that be free ?
Hey, this is forum and not warez channel/site ... haha :)
JK ;)
Anyway you can take a look at this link ... they offer absolutely free components for non commercial use (All coms can be downloaded for use with free software free of charge) ... maybe the best ones ... check it out

Cheers ;)

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