How to manage the session state outside the application


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Nov 19, 2005
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Hello Dear,
i m facing some problem with my web application (developing in ASP.Net). i want to manage the session even after i closed the application on client if any client 'ABC' open my web application 'XYZ' then after some time when clent 'ABC' close the browser ie Application 'XYZ'. then after some time again open the application on same client 'ABC'. Plz tell me how i can maintain the same session on that client without assign new session to that client 'ABC'.

can i solve this problem by storing the session in SQL Server.i don't want to create any cookie.
plz give reply ...... tell me how i can solve this problem.

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Mar 3, 2006
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you could possibly store the session state in a database using the machine IP as as a key lookup field. then during the session_start event you could look for session state in the db and restore it through some kind of loop into the new session.

There's no way you can avoid the creation of a new session, but you can at least reload previous session state into the new session so that from the users point of view it looks like the same session.

the only other problem is if the user has a dynamic IP address.. if their IP changes you will not be able to recall their session state. maybe there is another field in the request or server variables object you can use as the key/lookup field?
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