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Jun 3, 2004
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hi...can some one help in implementing tip-of-the-day dialog??? especially i wud like to know how to implement the logic behind checkbox tht asks the user if he/she wud like to see the tip next time if he/she opens the application; in other words, how can we restore the settings set by the user last time when the application was used???
hi edward...thanks a lot for the reply...if u dont mind can u briefly explain the arguments of function SaveSetting; what type of values do they require, what do they represent in registry, how can we use them...i just need a simple brief explanation...i hope u have got what i m trying to will be much good if its possible for u to send me code of above mentioned function and part of code for application using this function. bubye n take care.
I dont use the registry, so I can not give you an example, but, if you go into help, and search for that command, it will explain everything, much better than I can.
If this does not work for you, i can always email you the help page.

There are 2 commands, one is to write the setting, and the second is to read the setting.

There are also other ways, you can write to an text file, but that is complicated, and very error prone. Or you can use an xml file, which is good, but not very clean.

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I read in some article on MSDN (that I can't find anylonger) that said using the registry is not the recomended way to save application settings. The preferred method is to use a text file (ini or XML type). The problem with using the registry is that it becomes bloated from all the apps writing to it, but not correctly removing those entries when uninstalled. There's also the problem with Windows XP permissions; some users won't have permission to write to the registry.

There are many classes already written on the web that handle settings persistance. Here's a link to one: Managing configuration settings persistence in .NET applications
hi edward and paszt...thanks a lot for the i hope that i will able to manage tip-of-the-day dialog for my application...edward if possible, post the help page you were talking about just for the safe side...i will like to go through it...bye and take care...
I do agree with paszt on the xml vs registry setting. Only problem is, if you want to hide settings from the user, registry is the way to go. XML can be edited by host of software and even notepad. But, it is true, MAYBE the user will not have permission to write to the registry, but that user will not be able to use half of the software out there.
I propose a set of etiquette rules which applies to saving settings in the registry, they are very simple, on uninstall, remove all of the keys....
So here is the link for SaveSettings, on this page there is a link to DeleteSettings and all of the other registry functions.