How to cancel lunching application from the beginning?


Mar 3, 2005
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I am making a VB application and want to give the users ability to CANCEL lunching the application depending on whether a process (instance of INTERNET EXPLORER) is already running or not?

So sending a MessageBox with Yes, No and CANCEL is probably the way, but HOW?

Any idea please?
You mean you want users to start your app then if Internet Explorer is running you want them to choose whether or not to continue running your app? Is this correct?
the code for the messagebox spec's may be wrong as i didnt bother checking it with the VS editor but this is roughly what yer looking for:

Dim dlgResult as DialogResult
dlgResult = Messagebox.Show("Close Internet Explorer?", "Close IE", MessageboxButtons.YesNo)

If dlgResult = DialogResult.Yes Then
  Call KillProcess("IExplore")
End If

End Sub

Friend Sub KillProcess(ByVal ProcessName As String)
		Dim prc() As Process
		Dim ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND As Integer = 2
		Dim ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED As Integer = 5
			prc = System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName(ProcessName)
			Dim eprc As IEnumerator = prc.GetEnumerator

			While eprc.MoveNext
			    Dim proc As Process = CType(eprc.Current, Process)
				proc = Nothing
			End While

			eprc = Nothing
			prc = Nothing

		Catch e As System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception
			If e.NativeErrorCode = ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND Then
			    'MessageBox.Show(e.Message + ". Process not found.")
			    Throw New UnauthorizedAccessException(e.Message & ". Process not found.")
			    If e.NativeErrorCode = ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED Then
				    ' Note that if your word processor might generate exceptions 
				    ' such as this, which are handled first. 
				    'MessageBox.Show(e.Message + ". You do not have permission to kill this process.")
				    Throw New UnauthorizedAccessException(e.Message & ". You do not have permission to kill this process.")
				End If
			End If
		End Try
	End Sub

is something that you want, this will close ALL IE windows though
Yes exactly...

I want to let the user choose from 3
1- lunch the Application, after closing all running IE (Yes)
2- lunch the Application, and leaving all running IE (No)
3- not lunching the Application at all if some IE was running (CANCEL) MOST IMPORTANT... How

Thanks for the interest