How to access aspx.vb function from client javascript???


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Oct 5, 2004
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my page will have a table(not grid, just html table) with a lot of datas. when user click on one of the data, the data will need to use pass into the server and refresh the screen to display more the details.

how to call the server function in the aspx.vb from a table???
If you have ASP.NET 2.0 then up it to ASP.NET AJAX and you will find some easy to use tools for doing this. Two in particular are Client Side Callbacks (flexible but requires more to implement) or the real easy to use Update Panel or another feature called Partial Page Updates both of which are described in video in the same link.

However; you can do this yourself and program it but ASP.NET AJAX saves tons of time and does some wonderful things.