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May 20, 2012
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My first post as I'm new to VB.Net and the question probably reflects my general ignorance.

I host webbrowser on a form with no other input fields so I can iterate through a number of web pages supplying data values to the html fields and then submitting the pages. I'm finding that at various stages execution pauses as the form is displayed expecting user input. It's not running various subs to supply the data. I listen for navigating, navigated, document_complete and form load mainly to set various stage pass/fail flags. I'm trying to iterate through a main which looks for particular URL's then runs the relevant subs.

The sequence is:

Page 1 (Logon) ~ I'll set the user ID/PW and submit which then takes me to the menu
Page 2 (Menu) ~ I set a data entry URL and submit
Page 3 (DE) ~ I set various entry fields and submit which then takes me back to the menu
Page 3 (Logoff) ~ I set the logoff page url and submit

I'm not getting past 1. It displays the form expecting user input.

Can someone tells me how I should structure my code so it flows and doesn't get halted by form displays.

P.S. My first attempt to submit this prob seemed to disappear (if it posts twice then I apologise)
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