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  1. A

    Webbrowser acts differently than Edge

    Hi everyone! For quite a while I've been trying to get the Webbrowser control work like Edge. I managed to change the emulation mode to 11000 (Edge). But for some reason, the webpage in my webbrowser acts differently from that same page in Edge. When I checked the user agent strings of both I...
  2. T

    Question Webbrowser control suppress script error no longer working for IE10 and IE11

    I have a webbrowser control inside a VB.net windows application. Previously I was using "AddHandler CType(sender, WebBrowser).Document.Window.Error, AddressOf Window_Error" to suppress the script error. (Uncheck the IE disable script debugger). The above solution works on IE 9 and below...
  3. A

    Question download dynamically generated file from indirect url

    Sorry if its not the correct category to post in. I am trying to download a dynamically generated report.csv from a website link which requires login to get it downloaded. I tried by logging in through WebBrowser Control and navigating it to report's link but it shows "File Download" dialog as...
  4. P

    Question Overlapping clicked point on a HTML image map

    I am using a webbrowser control on a windows form, in VB.Net 2005. On this control I have a fairly complicated HTML image map, using javescript to place an icon where a user clicks, and pass the clicked area to the VB.Net code so it can be handled accordingly. I have figured out, with recursive...
  5. VBobCat

    Question How to prevent WebBrowser control from downloading images?

    Is there a way to set WebBrowser control not to download images while rendering HTML documents? That would help to speed up automation. Thank you very much!
  6. G

    Question Hosted Webbrowser Control in Windows Forms App

    Hi, My first post as I'm new to VB.Net and the question probably reflects my general ignorance. I host webbrowser on a form with no other input fields so I can iterate through a number of web pages supplying data values to the html fields and then submitting the pages. I'm finding that at...
  7. aaronmchale

    Question VS 2010 WebBrowserControl Prevent File Downloads

    I found this code that is supposed to prevent the user from downloading files: Private Sub WebBrowser_Navigating(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs) Dim HTTPRequest As System.Net.WebRequest =...
  8. NiravVyas

    Web Browser Control: Navigate and Set Document Text as well

    HI, In my app I am using a web browser control, I am displaying a list of files that are there in selected Directory, when the file type is of some image I do it as WebBrowser1.Navigate(sFileName), the image is then displayed in the Web Browser Control, when there is Word Doc I had code that...
  9. C

    Question Wildcards

    Hey I need to make a simple if statement. If WebBrowser.Location = "http://www.google.com" Then Else MsgBox("Message") End If And there is something with statement as well... Not too sure what. But I'd like the if statement to look for every website not just google, so...
  10. D

    Question Problems while animatiing Webbrowser control in blend 3

    Hello, I am trying to build a WPF application using blend 3. I need to display HTML contents in a portion of my application window. I tried to use 'web browser' control for the purpose, it renders the HTML as desired. But the problem is when I apply a simple animation (change width) for the...
  11. L

    Open Mail[Hotmail] w/Webbrowser Control

    Yes, I'm making a program that signs into Hotmail and auto reads all the messages. I just can't figure out how to invoke, click to open the first message. I am using the Webbrowser Control which I know is so flexible if you know what your doing. I do see that the whole inbox is in a table so i...
  12. J

    Javascript callback to Webbrowser control

    I know how to InvokeScript so my VB form can call a javascript function in the Webbrowser document, but does anyoe know how to do it the other way round - ie javascript calling a vb function in the containing form? Why do I want to do this? Well I've got a table of telephone conversations. Some...
  13. J

    Question Transparent Flash in VB Web Browser

    Hello, I have a normal VB 2008 form with a WebBrowser control inside it (docked to fill the whole form). I have FormBorderStyle set to none and the TransparentKey is red. I then have this HTML code inside the WebBrowser that loads a Flash file, makes the background of the Flash object...
  14. O

    Webbrowser Control and CSS style

    Hi, I am using the Webbrowser control to pull data from a webpage. The webpage contains DIV tags with style ="display: none; I can get the DIV tag to open however instead of going to style ="display: inline; " it is first going to style ="display: block; " So when I read the document back from...
  15. P

    Question Maintaining session in WebBrowser Control

    Hi I am developing a VSTO Add-In. In this, I have a form which shows a web page. I am displaying this on the form using Web Browser control. If I click a link which navigates to another page in the same control, it is displaying well. But, when I click a link on the page, which opens a page in...