Hard Question in VB.NET -


Nov 9, 2004
Programming Experience
In VB.NET i'm using a AxWebBrowser to load a word/Excel document. However when i run the program it prompts the user at a "File Download" window. I don't want this window to appear, i want the files to open right away without the user choosing "Save", "Open", "Cancle" and "More Info". Am i suppose to use a different property other than AxWebBrowser.Navigate("c:\temp.doc") ?

Thanks in advance.
yes, though i dont know what property or meathod you should use. but here's a quick general explanation of what's going on.

with most web browsers (IE, FireFox, NetScape, and from the sounds of it AxWebBrowser) if you navigate to a file (page, whatever) that's not an *.htm, *.html, *.xml, *.asp, *.... whatever you know the extensions. it'll ask you if you want to save the file to your hard drive.

in this case it sees that the *.doc file isnt a webpage file, therefor it prompts you to save it to your hard drive. check the object browser for more meathods and properties, there is probably a meathod to open other files (such as *.doc) instead of navigateing to the file.

neal &/or pazt might be able to assist you more, they seem to be far more familiar with imported objects.