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Jun 28, 2004
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Hi all,
I am creating a graphical editor in VB.Net. I have started with a picture box as a container & a number of textboxes to hold the strings. I have some probs like
1. make a text (string) oval shaped & make that string straight again.
2. compress a line.

If u have any idea please post it.
1.If you want to modify the shape of a string, then you need to try something like reading the string char by char, and modifying the height of each character proportionally with the previous. For example, if the first character's height is 10, the second will be 11, the third will be 12 and so on. When you reach the middle, you go downwards. Just use your imagination, or mail me at for details. I'll post the code here in a couple of weeks.
2.What do u mean by "compress a line"?