Question Formatting code (indenting parameters each on a separate line)

Keith Howard

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Jan 28, 2010
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I am trying to find out if there are any tools that you can recommend to format code:

I am trying to achieve the following indentation of parameters:

For received paramters in procedures:
Public Property g_p_Boolean_IsExisting( _
ByVal v_v_Document_Generic As Document, _
ByVal v_v_String_Name As String) As Boolean
End Property

For recieved parameters in Property Sets:
Public Shared Property g_p_Application_() As Application
Set( _
ByVal v_v_Application_Generic1 As Application, _
ByVal v_v_Application_Generic2 As Application)
End Set
End Property

I was thinking about writing some regular expressions in the VS 2010 IDE, but notice that within the 2nd example above (the Set parameters), the indentation is 4 spaces greater than in the first example, so the RegEx would have to quite intelligent to know how far to indent these two different cases.

Therefore, I was thinking about obtaining a third party product. At the moment, I am comfortable with the standards we have implemented and therefore we really don't need an all singing all dancing solution that offers lots of other functionality -- we just want this one indentation issue resolved.

Thanks for your help.

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