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Jan 10, 2005
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(this is using windows application on xp)

i'm trying to run a file watcher process to run existing classes i have - but it complains

cannot refer to instance member of a class from within a shared method or shared member intializer without an explicit instance of a class

I've fried to run it from a form load - sub main - module - but because the procedure is a shared sub it complains - but if i make it non shared it complains when i run it that :-

"there is no source code available for this process"

any ideas would be manrific !

Show some code.

Generally, the exception you're getting explains all and I'm not sure how to explain in more detail without seeing your code.
If you have a shared sub, you can't refer to an instance member without first explicitly instantiating that member, or class.
mm - when you put it like that - yes i see exactly what you mean - the thing is - in the inherited form it does not ask for instanciation - so i'm now wondering how come the inherited form works ?

i might get back in a day or so - salesman says the client looks like doing a u turn ?!?

ta 4 now anyhow