Question Dump Query Results Into Text File


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Jan 9, 2008
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I've got a whole bunch of data that is stored in various Access databases that I need to transfer over to an Oracle database. Right now I'm just creating an Odbc connection to the Access file, reading the data, creating an Odbc connection to the Oracle database, then looping through the data, inserting each row as I go. This seems to be a fairly slow process for some of the tables, so I'm looking for a way to speed it up.

I figured Sql Loader would work, but I need to be able to export the data from Access into a text file for that to work. Somehow I doubt that it would be much faster to use the same process (i.e. read from Access and loop through) to write to a file first, so I was hoping there was an easy way to export the data from a query into a text file via That way I could just dump the data straight into the file, then run Sql Loader to read it into the Oracle database.

So is there a simple and/or fast way to do this (actually I'd prefer fast, even if it's not necessarily simple)?
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