DLL Version Issues?


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Jun 2, 2004
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Does .NET use "Binary Compatibility?"

What I'm concerned is "when will my app break" when DLL's in referencing application are updated. The scenario is:

I build a asp.net application that is an add-on, i.e. utility, for another web application. It references DLL's from this application. The application I reference then puts out an update, will my application break simply by the fact the referenced DLL has been updated (version changed)?

Or is it like Binary Compatibility...if the methods I use in my code are not changed, my app will not break on updates?

The second scenario:

I use a component such as a menu control for a web page. I distribute this application. You, a competitor uses the same component, but you have a newer version of the component. The same customer installs yours now, using a later DLL, which mine is referencing an older version. What happens to my app? Will it break, or again, is binary compatibility going to keep my app running?