display PDF in asp.net web app w/ other controls


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Sep 12, 2009
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I think I must be missing something somewhere. Surely this isn't hard.

I want to display a PDF file in a VB.net web app. I already have code that generates the PDF file (using the Crystal Reports export), and I know how to create a temporary filename so one web app user doesn't overwrite the file for another web app user. What I want to do now is display that PDF in the same web page with some standard controls (a few buttons, a text area).

If I were working in HTML, I could use frames, and set the source for one frame to the PDF. I am new enough to VB.net that I don't even know how to do that from within the VS2008 environment I have. Obviously I have to set the source dynamically to the generated filename. But I don't want to drop backwards to HTML if I don't have to.

I see multiple third-party libraries for generating a PDF; none of them mention including a control that displays PDF, which leads me to believe there is already some way to do this I just don't realize.

Another way of describing what I'm looking for: something like ReportViewer for Crystal Reports; it is a component you can drag to a web page and tell what report to load into it. I want a component that I can drag to a web page and, at runtime, set to a specific PDF file to display.

tia for any help you can give.
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