Display a foreign field in grid?


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Oct 21, 2004
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I have a ShopNumber table that has a field 'Part Id' in it. This field is a direct reference to an autoincrement field in the PartNumber table. This field is just a pointer and has no meaning to the user. What I need is to substitute the 'Part Id' for the corresponding 'Part Name' field in the PartNumber table.
I would like to keep the tables seperate - not inner joined - so I can use the wizard generated update code. The functionality is to add a lookup field of the part name into the grid bound to the ShopNumber table.

I am looking for ideas on different ways to accomplish this. It is a recurring function in the project and I would like a way to add this function to the code generated by the dataform wizard. It is kind of a Master/Detail relationship contained in one grid.

Do I just need to learn how to write my own Update statements and read up on joined tables?

What do you guys and gals think?