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Jan 25, 2005
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can someone tell me why it won't let me type
Imports system.directoryservices
I am trying to create an app that sits on my server and monitors what and when users access files on the share drive. I am just trying to import the directoryservices namespace and it is giving me the blue underline. I have active directory installed.

If I don't need it then do you know of anyother way of capturing what user is accessing a file from the share drive on the server. I have already set it up to where it is capturing when files are changed, created, deleted, and opened but I can figure out how to capture what user it is. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,
You have to have a reference to the System.DirectoryServices dll inyour project. Right click the references icon in the projectexplorer and select "Add Reference..." then add the reference.