Deploying VB.NET Windows Application


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Jul 5, 2004
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hello to all,

Is there an alternative way to bypass .NET Framework installation to make the windows application running? If I need to install the .EXE on 500 machines this would mean I need to install .NET Framework on all these 500 machines. Is this correct?

can anyonw help me? asap?

thanks in a million....:)
You must have the .NET Framework installed in order to run a VB.NET application.

If these systems are kept up to date by Windows Update automatically, then you may most likely already have the framework there......
Using Installshield Express X

If you use Installshield Express X to make your deployment project, you can include the options to permit the user download, copy from media, extact from the Setup.exe,etc, the Redistributable version of Framework 1.1. I think this help the final user. Regards,

Jorge Villamizar

Note: Professional or Premier versions I undertand that include Framework in Redistributables options.