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Jul 13, 2004
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Good day.

I have a program that has a report viewer and as the user clicks the button, the report will be viewed from there. The report is created in Crystal Reports.Net. After which i created a setup package using the built in setup and package wizard in visual 2003, of which is my VS.NET version.

I have included all the merge modules required, and provided the license key of the regwiz module embedded in license.msm. I have followed all the instructions on the tutorial in creating the package. I tested the package on a desktop pc, however error occurs, stating that:

application has generated an exception that courd not be handled.

Process id=0x2do (720), Thread id=0x110 (272).

But when i installed the package on my pc, it works well.

I really dont understand why i have this error, it's the same also when I try to build an installshield package on the program.

Is there something wrong with CR.NET deployment in VB.NET 2k3, or is there any steps that I miss, ..

any help would be greatly appreciated.

THank you very much.

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