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Oct 21, 2004
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Delete all records of a dataset with partid = #####

I have 3 tables all linked by "partid" - dsPart1, dsOperation1, and dsRequirements1.

I need to select a partid from dsPart1 and load all corresponding records from dsOperation1 and dsRequirements1. No problems here.

I need to remove all records from from dsOperation1 and dsRequirements1. dsRequirements1 needs to be first then dsOperation1. Is there an SQL command that will do this for me? Do I have to loop through the datasets an delete records one at a time?
SQL2000 is the database engine and I use SQLDataAdapters on my forms. The dataform wizard has generated the generic delete statement for me, any help modifying it or creating a new functional statement would be appriciated.

thanks for reading.
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