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May 4, 2005
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I am writing an add-in in and it generates solutions with 2 projects in it, in those 2 projects there are 2 folders and when I remove or delete a file in one folder and I want to add a file with only the same name in the other folder of the same project (after I deleted the file first!!) I get this 'error':

The file 'logical\crowKLANTLEV.cs' could not be added to the project. Cannot add a link to the file D:\temp\TEST\TEST.DataCarriers\TEST.Core.DataCarriers\logical\crowKLANTLEV.cs. This file is within the project directory tree.

in msdn i found this but i don't know what it means:
File within a path. For example, if you have a project-relative path of File1\File2.txt, but there is also a folder with relative path File1\File2.txt.

I really don't know what I must do to excually delete a classfile...

Plz help me

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