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Jul 4, 2012
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Saaspose Newsletter for December 2012 has now been published that highlights all newly added information, exciting new features & informative blogs about Saaspose APIs & SDKs. This month Saaspose.Words, Saaspose.Cells & Saaspose.Slides have introduced new features for manipulating word documents, convert presentations to images, convert workbook elements to images and extract text from images, Saaspose SDK for Android introduction, Windows Azure Storage Integration with Saaspose & many more.

Tip of the Month: Integrate Windows Azure Storage with Saaspose API

Saaspose development team has been continuously putting efforts in providing you the best experience of document manipulation in the cloud. You can now store your files in the cloud through Windows Azure storage and process your documents with the help of Saaspose file format APIs. We have previously introduced 3rd party platforms such as Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive for integration with Saaspose APIs and we are working on more storage providers as per your feedback. The configuration of Windows Azure storage is simple and quick, and you can integrate it with Saaspose through a set of simple steps. You can upload your documents on Windows Azure storage and choose from a variety of features to manipulate the documents. Enjoy the flexibility to process your files from external storage provider with the required features. Keep tuned in to our blog, and documentation. Click here to view more about windows Azure storage integration with Saaspose API .

Use Saaspose SDK for Android Applications

Looking for Android applications for your document processing tasks? There is great news for Android developers across the globe to integrate feature-rich APIs in the applications to manipulate the documents. We are currently working on Saaspose SDKs for Android to facilitate the Android developers use a variety of document manipulation features in the applications. You can enhance the performance of your android applications by using Saaspose REST APIs and integrate the required features to manipulate different file formats in the cloud. You can add these Saaspose APIs in your Android applications easily and utilize the SDKs as per your requirements. For instance, you can extract text from documents, calculate formula in worksheets, convert PDF to images, extract images and slides from presentations and perform many such operations on the documents in your Android applications. You can opt for the free development account to evaluate these APIs for your Android applications. Stay tuned to our blog and newsletter for latest updates on Android SDKs and the release announcements. Click here to view more about Saaspose SDK for Android Applications

Best of Saaspose API Blogs

- Convert presentations to images and extract text from images using Saaspose REST APIs.
- Convert workbook elements to images and extract text from images using Saaspose REST APIs.
- Manipulate your documents by using Saaspose.Words REST API with PHP .
- Save slides as images and generate PDF files from images using Saaspose REST APIs.
- Manipulate the worksheets uploaded at Amazon S3 Storage using Saaspose.Cells REST API.

Latest From the Documentation

During the month of November 2012, we have added many examples for various features of Saaspose file format APIs in our documentation. These examples have been added in Saaspose.Words, Saapose.Cells and Saaspose.Barcode. You can utilize these examples in PHP and incorporate features in the applications such as execute mail merge, split excel document, recognize barcode with checksum option, convert document to different file formats etc. You may view a complete list of examples for each API in the following announcement posts:

- Saaspose.Barcode REST API Documentation Changes Introduced During the Month of November 2012
- Saaspose.Cells REST API Documentation Changes Introduced During the Month of November 2012

Saaspose API SDK Updates

During the month of November 2012, we have introduced new features in our SDKs for different programming languages like .NET, Ruby, and PHP. There is a list of features available for each API on Github and you can download the required SDK. The new features are added in most of our APIs such as Saaspose.Words, Saaspose.Cells, Saaspose.Slides etc. These features include execute mail merge template, append a list of documents, convert presentations to other file formats, save barcode etc . For more details, you may refer to the following announcement:
Saaspose REST API Features Implemented in SDKs During the Month of November 2012

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