Datastream via an TCP connection.


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Jan 26, 2015
Hi guys,

iam a new member, and my name is Thomas.

I am a absolute beginner with vb. net.
I have small basic knowledge about that languages, but not enough to start through without barricades.

My first project is a tcp client which receives a continuous stream send from a host with a known IP and port.

The stream consists of assci status messages like "apu on =0, " bleed = 1". There are about 100 messages until the stream starts again.

This messages should be checked with i. e. select case to trigger an action like a checkbox or something else, if a word equals.

Can someone help me out with a basic code, which reads the stream and start actions if one or more words matches?

Don't miss understand me, i really want to learn it by myself and i already read and tried much, but especially stream over tcp are still a bit to high for me.

Any advice with code would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards

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