datagrid problems

Dec 17, 2004
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hello, I have a datagrid that I need to be able to update directly from the datagrid. I have done this before and it worked fine. I am trying to do it again and it's doing some very strange things! First of all the "_EditCommand" only works if the edit/update/cancel column is set for linkbutton (I want PushButton). next problem, I try to get the value of the entered value using txtFaxed = e.Item.Cells(1).Controls(0). however, this returns the value from the database, not the entered text. I have done this before and had no troubles, I had it set up for pushbuttons and it got the typed value. I can't see any differences in the code or the html. the only difference is that the first time I used an arraylist to bind to, and the new one is bound to a dataset table. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

That is a strange one.
Are you getting an error when you use a pushbutton?
It's been a while since I've done direct DG editing, have you tried looking for the entered value in your datatable?

never mind it was an "I D 10 T" error.

I forgot to check for postback.:eek:

thanks for getting back to me though.

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