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Feb 3, 2009
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Hi dear,

Is it possible that I put condition on datagrid cells? i mean if a cell is empty put a specific value in it?

coz i'm dealing with a student attendance record and it is very difficult to mark each student absent or present as it is time consuming.

So, i want is there any way that if I put values of only those students who are absent and when i press update, it automatically take values of the rest of students who are present and mark them as present and if i put the values of present students so, it automatically takes the values of the rest of students who are absent and mark them as absent

coz mostly majority of students are present and only few are absent and some times majority of students are absent and only few are present.


ID Name Status
1 John A
2 Tom P
3 Kem P
4 Right P

In above example one student is Absent if i enter A only for john and when i press save button it automatically set the rest of students as P (Present). and Vice-versa

Thanks before hand

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