Database programming opinions requested


Oct 14, 2004
Programming Experience
I would like to know your expert opinions on programming SQL databases.

I have built an application in VB.NET using SQL connections, dataadapters and datasets. The connection to the database is not "Live" so on forms I have buttons for Adding, Editing, Saving changes etc. A co-worker, who does not make a living programming, was astounded to learn that this program is not "Live" and I'm not using cursors or all the capabilities of SQL. He says I don't need to have Edit or Save buttons. He says the SQL server will handle all the permissions so I don't need to have the user enter a password (which I do) in order to give them the appropriate menus. This was my first program in VB.NET and my first SQL database application.

Is writing a database program in VB.NET easier using more SQL specific programming for a "live" database rather than using a disconnected type as I have?

What are your opinions?

Gerry Dyck
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