Database link and Webforms


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Jul 23, 2004
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Well I am not sure where this should go but this seemed like the best place.
I am having real trouble getting a webform to open a database - in this case an ACCESS database (using the JET engine)
I tried setting up a simple datagrid (which works fine with a regular windows form)
but on the Webform version when the program tries to execute the database.fill instruction I get the following error:
The Mcirosoft Jet database eingine cannot open the file (my .mdb file). It is already opened exclusiverly by another user, or you need permission to view its data.

I have a feeling this is a permission or security issue, but have no idea what. The ASPNET virtual machine is a local user.

any help would be greatly appricaited.
You need to make sure that the ASPNET users has permission to ammend the database, check under the databases security options in properties.

Also make sure you close the connection to the database once you have finished reading from it.
Thanks for the reply....I think that is it...only Admin has Permission for that database...but I am not sure how to add ASPNET...