Crystal Report Deployment for Windows 98


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Jan 28, 2005
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How I can to deploy a Crystal Report for use with an VB.NET application installed in a computer with Win 98? (Framework 1.1 and MDAC 2.8 are installed)

The report and all the merge modules of Crystal are incorporated in the deployment setup project. In my computer (XP, VSN 2003, etc) all run OK but in the computer where I need to install the application, always give me the error:

Load Report Failed.

To see the reports I use a Menus Options with the Application.StartupPath & "\XXX.rpt" code. Thanks for your help...
The application is finished and is urgent for me to install them but I can't solve the problem with reports. Is possible that Win 98 don't supports reports created with Crystal 10? I asked you this because I try to install Crystal 10 in this machine and Win 98 don´t support this version.

I need your help an thanks for your time....
As I say above, Merge Modules, Reports and Database are included in the setup project and in the same Dir as the developed machine but...don´t work!!! Simply, don't work. More even: I copy manually the reports and the DataBase to the application directory (because I use Application.StartUpPath). Result: the error always are:

Load Report Failed

I need to make 11 reports for the application but in the moment I simply try with a sample and very simple report. Only, when I resolve my problem, I work in the final reports. At moment, I trying.The code for loading is

Private Sub btnReporte_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnReporte.Click
	CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = Application.StartupPath & "\prueba.rpt"
  End Sub

Note: In the Setup project don't have any error because I install the appplication in three differents machines (all with XP) and all work OK!!! Two of these machines don´t have installed any version of Crystal Reports but read the report without problem and the application run very well after install.
Ok try with this ... make simple installation and deploy on target PC ... give it a try

btw, What Kind of Connection Do You Have for the .rpt file/s ? ODBC? OLE DB etc..... ?

Cheers :)

Note: certain project has not any kind of conn ... but it doesn't matter ... whilst it works the problem could be your db's connection


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1- By coincidence, yesterday I Try this tipe of Deployment and give me more erros that a simple Load Report Failed. :mad:

2- In all the application the connection is OleDB.
A little problem: I try your Crystal Program (In the Zip). When install and run in my machine, don't problem but in the machine with W98 allways required a userName and Password. This is strange in a .MDB that was created without password or username. I change your .RPT with the mine (Prueba.mdb), compile again and the problem persist equal. Please, do you know what happen?

Thanks. Regards

Ohh.. I forgot: the problem in the W98 machine was: Copy Dbghelp.dll in Windows.System32 and register the CRQE.DLL :)
Hey Jorge,
I've told you to not make any connections for CR file ... download again and try as it IS ... just make install/setup project and run on the target machine ... that's how we will know does issue come by CR or DB ... if you succeed to load empty .rpt file then you'll be sure that issue comes from DB .... Cheers :)
Hello kulrom.

Me again.....

Your empty report run without problem. I created another empy report and run OK. But working with a real report (with data) give me the same problem (Password, UserName) in the W98 machine. I don't undertand this error because :

1- I, acording with your suggestion, don't use any connection.
2- The database is the same I use in all my application, and was created without Password or Username.
3- The setup is similar to the setup you use in your demo.
4- In my machine, all run fine. But in the W98 cause the error...

So.....please, what happen? You concept is very valid: THE PROBLEM IS CAUSED BY THE DATABASE BUT...WHY??? Why in the other machine and not in my machine???

The structure of Caritas.mdb reallly is a very simple Access Database although was composed with many tables and many fields.:mad:

Gracias, amigo!!!!