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Nov 30, 2004
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Hey im new to this but i want to write a small program with this feature; a text box that is entered into and then a button is pressed to put the text into command prompt and then execute, i.e typing into it for example "net send s0007991 hi" sending a short text message (hi) to that user (s0007991) on the local network. The layout would be a text box to input the message and a button to execute once the text is entered, possibly with the prefixed "net send" so all you have to enter is the user number you wish to communicate with and the message. Sorry if this insults anyones intelligence again i remind you im very new to this. Cheers in advance. James.
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i did that not too long ago (outta boredom) this is the core of the app that you'll need:
Shell("net send " & txtComputer.Text.ToString & " " & txtMessage.Text.ToString, AppWinStyle.Hide)

i happen to have two textbox's and a button:
txtComputer (name of the computer message to be sent to)
txtMessage (message to be sent to the computer named above)
btnSend (checks to see that a computer name has been typed in and a message was typed in, if so then it sends the message to the computer)

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