COM Add-In to Outlook


May 10, 2005
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Having a little trouble here and hoping you can help.

I have VS.NET 2003 installed and am going through this:;en-us;302896

I followed the instructions exactly and it all works as it should. I am able to see a new button in Outlook when Outlook is started and the button works as expected.

So I went back into the project and changed one line of the code, I really just duplicated an existing line of code. It was for a message box. It is as this point things stop working. When I restart Outlook I see the existing button but it isn't active or working at all. This is the same problem I had a while back so I think I am doing something wrong.

After I made my code changes I selected to rebuild the project. A DLL is compiled in the project directory but it can't be registered, says the entry point can't be found. The Add-In isn't listed in Outlook as a COM add-in and I can't add the DLL, tells me it isn't a valid add-in. I know it works because it worked the first time before I changed the code. I removed the line I added to the code, no change. Also, this add-in isn't listed under the disabled add-ins.

Do you know what the proper procedure is with this project after I change some code and want to implement that new code?

After the first time I compiled the code the new button was in Outlook automatically on the development machine.


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